Introducing: the 'I Brake For Turkeys' Tee

Introducing: the 'I Brake For Turkeys' Tee

"I Brake For Turkeys" is the first graphic tee we've made following our logo collection. We chose the turkeys because we adore them, and because they are a beloved local icon. The turkeys straddle suburbia and the wild, meandering through the neighborhoods as examples of how to live in harmony with both society and nature. The turkeys mozey across the busiest arterials with grace, commanding more traffic stops than a lilac princess, and all the while cooing to their young in tender tones.

As we were preparing to print these turkey tees, on a fine May afternoon (the most glorious month in Spokane...the pinnacle of Spring bursting into Summer right before your eyes) while setting up our printing assembly-line, we were heralded by the most alarming gobble from a neighbor's yard. While there are many turkeys in this area, we have never seen turkeys on our block. So this was an unusual and auspicious sound. Barking from three adjacent backyards ensued, followed by a chorus of humans yelling at dogs. This suburban symphony floating over a baseline of lawn mowers was our green light to bring the Turkey tee to life. 

This super soft everyday tee is designed in-house and printed by hand in our backyard studio. If you love turkeys as much as we do, this is a must-have tee for your collection. This design is available in three fits: 

The Every-body Tee which is a unisex tee, boxy but slim and long


the Cute Tee which is a fitted style, slightly tapered at the waist, wider neckline and shorter sleeves

and the Kids' Tee is coming soon...



  • Bright gold tee, similar to the color of turmeric
  • Dark kelp green graphic design on front depicting the silhouette of a flock of turkeys meandering across the shirt
  • Print says, "I Brake For Turkeys, Spokane, WA"
  • Small neon red logo stamp on the back


This is our first batch, and supplies are limited! We will be selling these at the Perry Street Thursday Market and here in our online shop.


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