2023 MANITO designs

2023 MANITO designs

manito archway gateway to duncan gardens spokane wa


Manito Park is a beautiful and beloved park in the heart of my neighborhood, Spokane's South Hill. It's a sprawling 78 acres of native and cultivated landscapes and gardens designed by the Olmstead Bros and established in 1904. 


manito paintings by spokane artist neicy frey


In 2021 I was thrilled to learn that The Friends Of Manito was starting an annual art festival at the park, and jumped on the chance to be part of it. I created several large-scale oil paintings with a botanical theme that echoed the archway structures leading into the Duncan Gardens for that first show in 2021.


manito park paintings by spokane artist neicy frey


manito gateway original oil painting by spokane artist neicy frey


manito art festival poster by spokane artist neicy frey


A few variations on this theme have come to life since then in the forms of art prints and paper goods that I sell at neicyfrey.com.

I'm very happy to bring some of these Manito designs to wearable form at Cutees Printshop and hope they find fellow Manito lovers out there!

cutees manito tee cute fit cutees printshop

MANITO TEE . cute fit

cutees printshop manito kids tee

MANITO Tee  .  kids fit


manito tote bag cutees printshop



manito bouquet everybody fit cutees printshopManito Bouquet Tee  .  classic fit


manito bouquet cute fit cutees printshop

Manito Bouquet Tee  .  cute fit


cutees printshop manito bouquet tee


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